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You are chasing multiple issues here. If you are concerned about the adequacy of the injectors for the job at hand that is one issue. If you are attempting to determine why the VVT produces such dfferent cam phasing bank to bank that is another and totally different issue.

To read what the tune is commanding you will need to have access to both tuning and data logging software. Scanners will not tell you this. The tuning software that was used to tune the engine will.

Increasingly it looks like you are in the deep end of the swimming pool without a life jacket. If the VCT solenoid replacement that Speedbrake was pointing you at does not do the job you will need to take the car to a shop that can tune it properly and repair or replace components that are faulty.

Alternatively, and this suggestion has many down the road benefits, you need to learn how to tune yourself. There are multiple training forums available to you. The one I would point you at is Calibrated Success (<= clickable) training that Greg Banish offers.

You can fly to Michigan or catch up with him on one of his field training sessions. The price is not inexpensive but the knowledge is priceless. BTW Banish is a hired gun that all three Detroit manufacturers contract with for calibration assistance. He is likely one of, if not the best trainer on this stuff in the country.

If you are reluctant to engage in the learning process, then you still have two alternatives left;

The first is to take it to a reliable, respected aftermarket tuning facility and pay them to do the work for you. This can turn out to be an expensive solution.

The second is to take the hunt and peck approach which is almost always the longest solution path and frequently as expensive if not more so than buying the expertise — which you may still have to purchase at the conclusion of the hunt and peck effort.

There you go! All you have to do is determine which solution you think best fits your needs and go for it!

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