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Originally Posted by 1985 CCX View Post
No sale on this awesome car.
It is an an awesome car indeed!

However, I’m a little confused on the history of this early 427…

On checking my stock of Cobra pictures to see if I could add to what I already have of that early car's history, my pictures show CSX3006 as a white RHD car with black hood, not a blue LHD car that it apparently is today. Looking in my Registry, I found the following quite incredible story describing that car's colour and "drive side" changes....

CSX3006 was originally delivered painted blue, with its steering wheel on the left side - the configuration it now wears, according to Jeff's link above.
However, in 1966 it was converted to RHD and painted white with a flat black hood.
Around 1985 it was returned to LHD, with colour remaining as white.
In 1991, it was painted Guardsman Blue with a white stripe.
In 2003, it was returned to RHD (again), and painted white with a flat black hood (again).
In 2009, sold again, remaining white and RHD.
Now it turns up at auction back in blue again, and converted back to LHD yet again.

If that story is correct, is 3006 the most “converted” of all of the original Cobras ??

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