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Talking Securing a painter in Connecticut or Los Angeles

I have a deposit down on an ERA Cobra that won't be built for over a year, it seems. They'll be doing the chassis bonding and I'll be doing most of everything else myself.

I'm told that painters are busy and becoming a real bottleneck, so I was hoping to get on the books now so when a year or so goes by, I won't be stuck waiting. There's no reason any car should take months to paint unless they're squeezing other people in ahead of me, right? Like, you schedule a car, drop it off, and a month later the car is done with painting...Right??

Any tips here? I live in Los Angeles, but have no relationship with any paint or bodywork shop. I'm certainly open to any favorites, but from what people are telling me, getting a top-quality paint job in Southern California has become difficult or VERY expensive, and it seemed like going with "known" painters who have done many Cobras a lot made sense. I'm aware of three (in Connecticut), and I'm open to all input:

Connecticut Customs - The standard shop, right?

Brandon at "Big B" - I'm told the quality is as good as CC, but tends to be cheaper. I'm happy to use anyone that will do good work in a reasonable timeframe.

Tony at Tony's Auto Builders - Just another one I saw mentioned around here or some such.

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