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Default Brake LIne Pressure Question

After doing all I could to the existing brake system, I finally decided to measure the brake line pressure. With 120 lbs on the pedal, I calculated 500 psi in the front lines. I measaured it today and got 500 psi with my best guess at 120 lbs. I then pressed it as hard as would be possible when driving and it went up to almost 550 psi. Everything I've read recommends 900 - 1100 psi for non-assisted brakes.

Now Bob has stated in another thread how ERA has hundreds of these cars with the stock brakes that all work fine, however over the years there has been some threads complaining about the brakes. It is often suggested that people used ot power brakes are simply having an "experience" problem, but it appears to be more than that.

I will admit my brakes are probabbly glazed and that will be a next step looking for improvement, however they've never been good since I built the car. Now that I've made improvements I may get wbat I want with deglazing.

I was thinking of trying a 3/4" front master vs. the 7/8" unit, but Bob seems very sure the stock system should work fine.

So, does 500 psi seem OK, or low for line pressure? If it's low, any ideas what could be wrong?
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