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Pedal Ratio is 5:1. No room for a booster. Those hydraulic pressure increase units don't appear to offer any more than replacing my front master cylinder with a smaller diameter unit.

Anyway, my plans are (if no-one has any different ideas):

1/ deglaze the pads and rotors, or instead install EBC pads as they have a deglazing top coating

2/ play with the balance bar adjustment. The pedal arm is more or less centered between the two cylinders now. I hanv't made any measurements yet, but if the distance between centers is 2" and I move the center of applied force 1/4" towards the front cylinder, I can expect 625 psi vs. 500 for the front brakes. The rear brakes will suffer, however as the front discs are so much larger, I may get an overall improvement.

3/ Adjust the pedal height so the force is at 90 egrees to the cylinders and hope it's ergonomically OK.

4/ Install a 3/4" front master cylinder instead of the original 7/8" one. No money wasted as if it doesn't work out, it can be a replacement for the rear brake cylinder when needed.

A couple of odd things:

One member did actually post his front caliper pressure and got 760. Not sure how that was posiible.

Also, another member once complained one of his front wheels would lock up before the other one. I say this is odd as I can't lock up any wheels at all. Not that one would want that, but it's an indication the brakes can work to the maximum.

After all this, I must admit my brakes are more or less satisfactory for normal driving. It's a panic stop situation I worry about.
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