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My apologies to Bob. I did make a mistake about the pedal ratio. Knowing he's an excellent engineer, I doubted myself, re-measured the pedal and found my 2" measurement was off. It's about 1.5" so with the other part at 9", that is indeed a 6:1 pedal ratio.

It's tricky to measure with the pedal installed, but I still shouldn't have messed up that badly. But I did. Sorry Bob.

So now a new problem. Why did my math with the wrong pedal ratio yield the same results as the pressure test? It's all because of one unknown... my foot pressure on the pedal. I think I have an solution for that. I have a valve spring pressure gauge I may be able to put between the pedal and my foot. As I won't be able to see it, I'll make a video and.... oh-oh... I need the video camera to monitor the guage on the caliper too!

Looks like I'll be recruiting a helper.
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