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Yes Patrick, it was because of you I installed Hawk pads a few years back and there was noticeable improvement. Since then I installed larger diameter piston calipers and EBC Yellostuff pads in the back. With every change, the brakes got better and really, they arn't horrible like they once were.

One thing I wonder about is all this business on bedding in and glazing. Somewhere it states that bedding in the brakes causes a small amount of pad material to deposit on the rotors which is good, yet "they" talk about glazing and that's a bad thing.

Not sure about mine, but the rotors look like brand new. Shiny and no rust and they're 26 years old. Something must be coating them as I live near the coast, salt air.

So there's more that I can try. One thing is, judging by the number of threads on braking, it appears I'm not alone. Wouldn't surprise me if we all have the same problem.... and to confuse things, most don't have an issue, or at least have never stated they do.
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