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I forgot about my G-Tech meter, so I went for a test drive today. All I could achieve was 0.64 Gs, which works out to 187 ft to stop from 60 mph.

ERA states they got 135 feet from 60 mph. That works out to about 0.89 Gs based on 2800 lbs for car, driver and fuel.

As an aside, I also tested my RAV4 and only got 0.67 Gs.

As mentioned before, I intend to replace/rebuild both master cylinders. I didn't think they showed any sign of internal leakage, but now I see there might be a little. Stand on the brakes long enough and the pedal does depress ever so slowly. So slowly I've never noticed it driving or doing pressure tests. So slowly it shouldn't stop peak pressure from building, but it would bleed down over a significant amount of time.

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