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Thanks guys.

Dan: I discovered this a while back and now use teflon tape on the threads. Grease didn't work for me.

6TN: Yes, I was puzzled for a while why the pressure wouldn't increase until I found the front MC was bottoming out. As far as the balance bar goes, I've also found out that at extreme angles the balance tube can limit the motion of the pushrod, however it's adjusted for the largest motion of the front MC with respect to the rear MC and it's only being limited by the front MC bottoming out.

I'm rather optimistic about my method outlined in my last post. Blocking off the reservoir allows me to keep fluid from flowing while enlarging the air bubbles so they break free. Tapping the calipers while doing this also helps. Mind you, too much vacuum would allow fluid past the MC seal as they are only meant to hold pressure in one direction. I find 8 to 10 in/Hg seems to work well.

It's still sort of experimental, however I hope to find out this weekend if I make gains with this endeavor.
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