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I just got back from a test run and it didn't go as well as I hoped. 0.7 G's was it and I was hoping for 0.8+. I started out cautiously trying to brake hard. A little harder each time. With the 0.7 G number, the right front wheel pulled to the right so there must be an issue with the left front caliper or pads. I stopped testing after that.

Am leaving it for today, but I suspect if I remove the caliper and extend and retract the piston a bit (like I did to the other side), re-sand the pads and re-lube the slider pins it should fix it.

I have to admit, going from 0.61 Gs when I started testing to 0.7 Gs seems like a huge difference when braking hard. Also, now the front end drops so much, the G-Meter goes out of calibration, so I might be getting a little more than 0.7. You calibrate it while on level ground and any variance from that drops the measurement a small amount.
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