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I'm not surprised. I'm sure Bob realizes that I have a combination of problems from parts to installation issues. Also, he has stated many times he has hundreds of cars out there with the standard brake package that work fine. As far as my expectations go, they are based on ERA test data and I'm not quite there yet. All on me really to deal with but as two (or maybe more) heads are better than one, I like to ask in the forums. Sometimes when I think about what I want to write, something clicks and I make progress.

My G-Tech meter is an old one that relies solely on an internal accelerometer. The new ones rely on GPS. The Instataneous G setting has a stated accuracy of +/- 0.02 Gs.

I originally bought it to measure horsepower but unfortnately that is not that easy in our cars. First of all they are a standard and second there's too much engine torque so you need to use high gear while testing.

For Hp, you input the weight and the accelerometer part monitors the acceleration. Because our cars need to be put in high gear, we wind up going too fast. All the meter measures is the acceleration of the car and converts to Hp, however it doesn't take much speed before air resistance comes into play and that takes Hp not measured by the meter.

I do know the meter works accurately for Hp as it calculated the correct Hp for my Toyota RAV4 (automatic). It's rear wheel Hp and I had to convert for an AWD system. Bang on, exactly!

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