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Originally Posted by Argess View Post
As I'm trying to get more braking power, I didn't want to go with the Dynalites as the total piston area was much smaller than the Wilwood D52 or my GM D52s. Also it's nice for me to use D52 pads which fit the same in the GM calipers or Wilwoods.

and I assume yours work fine?

EDIT: There is one slight problem with the Wilwood D52 units. They use a 7/16 x 20 banjo bolt so my existing flex lines would need to replaced or reworked. Not a big deal I suppose.
Yes, mine work fine.

As I noted in my comments, the total piston area of a Dynalite caliper is 9.62 in2 (2.4 in2 x 4). Wilwood's website shows them as 4.8 in2, but if you do the math you're realize it's actually double that, as I've calculated. BTW, I have an email thread with Wilwood about this, and my calculations are correct. I have no idea why they haven't corrected their website.

With 4 x 1.75" pistons the Dynalites actually have 53% greater piston area (9.62 in2 / 6.28 in2 = 1.53) than the Wilwood D52 calipers (2 x 2" pistons).

As to brake hoses, they're relatively cheap, even the SS ones. Pick your brakes, then go from there.
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