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Well.... success!!! I managed 8.6 Gs this monrning. I think I might stlll have a bit left but cut the testing short as not only was I happy with the 0.86, but it was only 4 degC (39degF) outside.

Now previously all I ever did with the silicone brake grease was lube the guide pins which is typically almost all you do with most disc caliper systems. The other spot for grease in the little end ears on the pads. But these D52 pads don't have the tabs. The one against the piston does move of course, so I greased the edges of the backplates where the rubbed on the caliper as well as re-lubing the little spacers where the guide pins go through and also re-lubed the guide pins. Didn't lube anything on theoutboard pad as it doen't move in the caliper, but did add a little lube around the guide pin holes in the pad and re-did the hole in the caliper where the guide pin end goes through.

However, as can be seen below is a picture (not my car, but a pic I found on the net) there are abutment pints on the knuckles. The caliper slides on these in order to move the inboard pad against the rotor. Here's where I added lube that never had any before:

Now these D52 calipers have been used for well over 20 years in many GM vehicles, but nowhere on the net could I find anything about greasing the abutments. It is interesting to note that a picture I found of the Wilwood equivalent doesn't mdention it either but clearly shows where they didn't paint the caliper in order for caliper to slide on the abutments.

Of course those abutment areas are a great place for the grease to pick up brake dust dirt so I'm not sure if they were meant to be greased. However I suspect that those vehicles that used them also had a booster so extra pressure to overcome the friction was available.

My next step is to try the Yellowstuff D52 pads I bought. I already have them in the rear. I'm going to wait until Spring as they need to be run a few hundred miles to wear away the coating EBC puts on them that's supped to clean the disc of old pad material.

I amy aslo try the Wilwood calipers, but they don't recommend them with DOT 5. Of coursse Tilton doesn't recomend their MC with it either, but I found no evidence of seal problems with the old MC I took apart. 25 years of being immersed in DOT5.
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