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Default Almost a F-1 Driver ;)

Who am I, easy question to answer (Most of you can answer that it, although answer's my differ ) Better Question? What am I. A Sports Car Guy though & though. Been in this hobby since I can remember (5yo) @13yo a famous race car driver, told me "You have the Racer Gene" From that day on, my goal was to fulfill that, of course I saw F-1 seasons in my future, work my way up the rank's. Soon found it took more than talent, MONEY seem the ticket to get there. Poof, that dreams gone, so raced with the best I could afford. Do I regret my life, not in the least. Met the BEST people (points added if they were Dog people too ) Told myself the last sports car would be a Cobra, So Lifes GOOD !! Pacific Roadster, 347 Dart Stoker, 3550 (Blueprinted) 5-speed, Silver with gray ghost stripes. my 3rd Cobra.
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