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Default HTM111 - Gonna need some work


I wanted to start a new thread as to incude my friends on this forum. One, so I can get input as we are all sharing the same passion and input is always a good thing whetehr we agree or not. Two, if in the future for any reason I want to sell the car (current plan is to leave it to one of the kids) the buyer would have a resource for what has happened, the correction and it would be above board without the sterotypical clean car fax.

So I was clipped by a young girl, first day with her license. The left rear of the car sustained damage to the body which radiated to the right side of the car. The discrete tubing that HT used, as alloy was an option for these cars, was slightly moved ) 0.2". There was zero damage to the main rails and rear suspension as I did drive it home and have been driving since. Also already had it apart to inspect as I needed to be ready for the insurance adjuster to argue points. As they alsways do...

So, that leaves a damaged rear clip with many cracks along the rear as the laws of physics took their toll. A slightly bent disctrete tubing which needs to be straight and two doors that took a slight damage as cracks along with a partially debonded rear trunk frame and glass shell.

Its obvious that to repair it correct the rear clip needs to be removed, small tubing straightened and then work a new or repaired rear clip, fix bonded rear trunk and cracks in gelcoat/paint on doors. Basically the dashboard back needs attention in some way...

I must say I had Hagerty, as all insurance they were tough in the beginning but eventually found their way to understand the HiTech vs Pacific Roadster and became fare on the claim. As we all know they will get compensated from the girls insurance without a doubt. Good on Hagerty.....

Cobra Automotive has been a GREAT supporter in this process a they will be part of this repair as time progresses. Curt and crew are a great resource for all Cobra and Shelby related anything. I did try a few other shops and they were not interested in this type of work. Too slow and painful, most shops want fast and settled in under 4 weeks, this is more complicated.

So far here is the plan: (open for suggestions as we all have opinions)
a) Remove R&L doors and trunk from car
b) Remove rear clip as it's under stress and issues will occur later if that
stress is not relieved. Carefully avoiding wire harness to eliminate extra
newly added issues.
c) Straighten frame tubing which may require rear inner panels to be
removed and refit later in this process.
d) Paint touch up to frame tubes after its been exposed and straightened
e) Refit body to the tubing once replaced
f) Refit doors and truck
g) Make all the panels align as originally they were
h) Bodywork
i) Paint rear 2/3 of the car if not entire car

I am sure that I missed a couple items but that is the jist of it.
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