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Originally Posted by celentanogj View Post
Has anyone used a G-Force 5 speed shifter on their Richmond transmission? I have a hurst shifter on my Richmond transmission and it dosen't have the reverse lockout, during some spirted driving it gets annoying grinding reverse no matter how careful I am. I called Hurst (now Holley) and they have nothing for the Richmond. G-Force has a complete shifter kit (HN1001C) for the Cobra Kit Cars, my question-is there a difference in the size of the shifters? Don't want to modify the tunnel.
I have both the Hurst and Long shifters - the former is currently installed. I like the reverse lockout in the Long shifter, but my example is really, REALLY sloppy in the neutral gate (almost zero centering), plus it has long throws - both of which I detest. I realize the neutral sloppiness could probably be resolved with a rebuild, but the throws would require re-engineering the shifter. BTW, I don't know which model shifter it is. The car was built in 1991 and it was probably the original shifter - it was in a box in the trunk when I bought the car.
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