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Here is the pitch....... Calm as the day is long
Current plans are to fix it in alloy...... mmm sorta.....

Why, because getting it at least to the previous level or better is first and foremost.
Second as the panels are glass and repairable I dont want them to be limiting my loss in the future whether visually (cracks) of physically. So I am cashing in a few chips and getting it done in a way that is all me.... That said it also has to limit out of pocket as I have settled with insurance with no supplimetal charges down the road. Why you ask, so I know what I have to work with up front.

Since I have to remove the rear clip for repairs and the labor cost high its a few more bucks to go alloy, which in my case is going to work as HiTech has the frame to support it. As the trunk deck was de-bonded might as well change that while I am at it as labor equals all its repair out. Doors were also in need of a repair so going metal there too...
Catch is the front clip is good, insurance $ does not cover and since HiTech cars are so good I am chosing to leave it as is... Alloy guy agrees as its a keeper.

So its gonna be Rear clip, trunk and doors in alloy as the costs for glass repairs and labor is around the same expense.... If I did not have a suppoorting frame (Original Style) the project would need to be in a different direction.
I am going out of pocket on the hood so a little in but then I think its worth it in the long run. Details will be well sorted out in the end and I'll document as we procede. Pictures to come...

Then paint! It will not be red as going this far in either glass or alloy allows a change since 3/4 of the car will be repaired, stripped and or replaced.
Its gonna bi tch in! (Sorry, love Kindig motto)

It will be an alloy car with glass highlights...

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