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I’ll tell you a little bit about Tom (Alfa02), a living historical reference to the local (and beyond) racing scene. Tom spent his free waking moments at the track from a young age through his many years of racing. Only occasional breaks in form for some mischief outside the track, so he had to make those count, for some other great stories.

A voracious researcher on topics of interest, Tom is a living, walking, and those who know him ‘talking’, encyclopedia on most things cars and racing from the 60’s forward. His first-hand knowledge is both fascinating and unique, and he loves to share it and help others with it.

Tom remembers details…rule changes, technologies, and competitive advantages that drove incremental developments in racing. The people behind the cars… their styles, techniques, strengths, weaknesses, and strategies. What the drivers and teams were going through that impacted their driving and car development. Drivetrain and suspension details and specs. Where various parts went to, often under the radar, etc.

A self-proclaimed ‘wheel guy’, Tom can recite the details of many wheels…sizes, types, and changes on each model of race car over the years. Little gets his attention nor musters his adrenaline faster than the wrong, or right, set of wheels for an application.

Tom’s story here is one of many, and a great one. A willing and engaging ‘track rat’ and ‘gopher’ to one of the greatest eras of racing history, it doesn’t get much better than that. Thanks for sharing Mr. Tommy.

I’m thankful for my friend, and for all who share their Cobra cars and experiences.

Happy Thanksgiving! Brent
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