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Originally Posted by cwbmet View Post
I am new to this discussion area. I just purchased a 1995 Mid-states Motor Cobra with 1245 miles on it and wanted to change the alternator because lights dim when radio is on. It has a FE 428 in it. The previous owner put a radio and amp in it and the 16 inch puller fan were using all the juice.
I put on a 110 Amp 1 wire alternator. The original was a 1G with the 4 wires. I kept all of the original wires intact but tapes them all up separately and tied them back. Then ran my 4 AWG positive wire to the battery side of the solenoid. Black 4AWG to the block to ground it. I think I should put a fuse in line with the positive. But now it wonít start.
The new alternator has an internal Voltage regulator, so the old wires arenít needed anymore right?
Do I need to put in something to send power to the distributor or somewhere else? It cranks, but wonít start.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Something's not hooked up correctly.

FWIW, when I faced the same decision I went with a 130 amp Ford 3G alternator (1995 Mustang V6). There are wiring diagrams galore on the Internet. Easy installation. No problems. That was 5 years ago.
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