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I guise I will tell my one and only Donohue story. It happened at the beginning of this century, not as exciting as Tom's, and unfortunately a big swing and a miss on my part. I was talking to Otis Chandler, we were at the motocross track east of town, we were supporting a mutual friend doing vintage racing. We of course were talking motorcycles, when the subject of Porsche came up. He mentioned he had the Donohue Talladega record setting 917. I asked what it was like to drive, he said, after driving the 917, then getting into his 996, "it was like driving in slow motion!" Otis then invited me to come out to his invitation only museum, and sit in the 917, like an idiot, I thought I had plenty of time to get out there, so I never did see it! Incidentally, our mutual friend, set up the Art Of The Motorcycle at the Guggenheim, so when Otis passed away, he received a Brough Superior SS100 Alpine. He sold it for a record amount, low $100,000s! Cheers, Dennis
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