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Cobra's tend to be, to a very large extent, do it yourself sorts of cars. While they don't have to be, they usually are. Some of it has to do with the unique builds from car to car, some of it has to do with the lack of period correct informed technicians, and of course some of it has to do with the lack of an onboard computer to report what is wrong.

A good example would be searching for a technician who was qualified and capable of performing the service requested / needed. Did I mention owning the appropriate tools? Let's assume you have purchased a brand new upgraded Holley carb to replace the original supplied with your engine.

Your ability to find someone who understands Holley's, their midrange fuel delivery circuitry and how to adjust the circuitry to produce the performance, drive quality and fuel economy that should be available is all but non existent, today! Many shop technicians have never even seen a Holley (in person) let alone worked on one. Others don't know what they are, other than museum pieces.

Suspension tuning, disk brake maintenance, corner weight adjustments and what they affect, anti-sway bar mechanics and how it affects car handling etc., etc. are simply unknowns to these talented but daily go to meeting sorts of car technicians.

Bottom line is that you signed up for a lot of learning and hands on experience when you decided to buy your Cobra. Now in fairness you don't have to do all that because you can buy the talent, good talent, if you are willing to pay for the car transport out and back along with the service you want performed — but of course that is not inexpensive.

If you thought your Cobra was a little pricey to buy, hang on to your hat. The cost of ownership is about to take a quantum leap upwards — if you don't learn how to do it yourself.

p.s. You might want to fill out your personal info with stuff like where you are, Cobra make, engine etc. It will help others help you.

Help them do what they would have done if they had known what they could do.

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