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You should separate the Cobra specific items from the fact that the power train is simply a 1960s engine and transmission. Same for brakes, clutch and lots of other pieces and parts. Cobra suspensions are specific but the concepts are the same so for someone to do front end, shocks etc it's a matter of finding the right parts. Search for an old guy with a garage. Someone with a couple of 57 Chevys on the lift can handle almost all of what you need.

That said, the knowledge of the care and feeding of a carb is not wide spread in mechanics below the age of 50+. The same actually applies to fuel injection as these systems are in reality aftermarket specials and if they require attention it is beyond the knowledge base of most of your Ford/Chevy/etc mechanics that approach such problems with a cookbook for component replacement rather than diagnosis and repair. Re-tuning (or refined tuning) is a task for a speed shop. Find a place with a dyno and you're there.

To find these kinds of specialty places I would normally recommend you visit some Cars and Coffee type gatherings with old cars and ask for recommendations. However, the Arizona Cobras group here is essentially that so asking here you'll probably get some good places. Like was mentioned, it does help to know what part of the valley you're in.

But the Cobra is a Tinkerer's dream or nightmare depending on which side of the fence you sit. If you are intimidated by basic mechanical maintenance - like tightening loose bolts when something squeaks - like Ed said, learn to do it yourself or spend a lot of money, or like Jay Leno, hire a live-in.

Enjoy the Cobra! It's a hoot! Do so carefully so as to not exceed your capabilities on a car that will swap rear end for front end when you press on the accelerator but you've probably read that advice already.

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