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I don't think my pipes are an issue as they are essentially open pipes. I can look all the way in them to the 4 into 1 collector from the headers.

I currently am running 55 idle jets with 110 holders and 160 mains with 210 air correctors. As I said in my previous post, these are running very rich. Doesn't make too much sense. Most people's advice would be running larger jets all around. These are smaller than most and still very rich. Oh, well.


Thanks for the contact. I'll probably give him a call.

Yes, I have spoken and emailed Enzo several times. The jets that he recommends will make me even richer. That's why I think that I have something else very different in my engine than most (compression ratio is suspected). Enzo runs the same Weber set on his 427 FE and has no problems. So either my engine is very different somehow or the Webers from Inglese were rebuilt badly and have a major problem. I am sooooo confused.

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