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Not sure if your pipes are really open...what I found out on mine where that the baffles were restricted down to a 2" pipe and now with the high flow muffler it opened things up quite a bit.

On the jets...I am at 120 holders with 65 idles and F7 tubes with 210 air correctors and 150 mains with 55 bypass valves and 37mm chokes...I am still running rich but I am closer.

What size Chokes are you running and are you running air cleaners on the stacks?"I actually just looked in your photo those filters have a dense foam piece in them? If so you probably will never get them right....I finally just said to hell with it and run them open" I found with air cleaners I was running 110 mains and still was putting 4' flames out the sidepipes from all the gas.

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