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I will have to ask Tony about you. I thought that i had heard him mention your name but there are so many cobra people that he knows unless I meet them personally I get confused. So how is it that you know my car? Did you visit with him during the build? There has only been one Carlisle event in the last four years that I did not attend with must have been the one you met him at. I have just recent aquired a hole in my radiator.....lucky me....not a big problem but I like to drive it everywhere I can so this makes me pout. Hopefully this week it will be fixed. it was spewing coolant all over the distributor......stalled out on me in the middle of the street and I almost got nailed by a car carrier truck who couldn't see me on the other side of the was not a good way to find wasn't running hot so I had no clue........soon she will be all better. You need to post some pictures of your car, I'd love to see it. Let me know of any car shows or events and I will pass then on to Tony. Did you know he put a 514 in his (?) is like a lion trying to escape it's THAT'S alot of power! He is a great mechanic and friend. Take care!
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