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I'm still learning about programming the fuel map on my ProJection (and with the weather in the 30-40 degree range, I'm learning slowly)! The following should be taken with a grain of salt about the size of a salt-lick ... remember, I don't know what I'm doing:

If you've got the Holley software, load up a Chevy 350 fuel map. Decrease the "Durration Offset" from it's standard 55 to something around 20. That should get you in the ballpark.

On my 351W (Ford crate motor, 385 hp), I started with the Chevy 350 map and adjusted the duration offset to 10. I'm using a 900cfm unit as recommended by Holley (seemed big to me). Dropping the duration offset from 55 -> 10 reduces the map values by 45% (if I understand the rather vague Holley documentation).

This past weekend I used the Holley software to do a 30 minute sample of the computer's data. End result is that the map is running a bit rich from 1500 to 2500 rpm, a little lean above 2500 (not a lot of samples as I'm keeping the RPMs down until the engine is broken in). Idle is just about right.

Use the monitor function in the software to look at the O2 sensor reading as well as the O2 correction value, they'll give you an idea as to how close the fuel map is set. The fuel injection computer will do it's darnedest to pull the mixture into the correct range based upon the O2 sensor reading.

One of these days ... and well after I figure out what I'm doing ... I'll setup a web page on the tuning of the ProJection. There is just soooooo much stuff you can fiddle with!
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