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We thought about putting MISTRES on our FFR because I nicknamed my husbands car that. Then we thought wait that would look bad when I am driving the car alone (which I do often). Might get some really dirty looks from people thinking that I am the Mistress and that is how I got the car Now that the Vortech S Trim is on she is called "The Whining Mistress".

Some plates we have thought of:

8AVIPR Cause our Cobra has done it!

California also allows special symbols like a hand, heart, and star. I want to order this one: "hand"BLTDRM for Hand Built Dream.

One of our club members just finished his car and the plate says E ticket ride, not sure how he spelled it. Another one is FELN16 and SHWEET.

Not to be niave but what does "asp" stand for?

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