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I got to say thanks for your site as well. I actually have it printed off picture by picture and assembled in a manual type format. It has been a great help in building my RUCC kit. Thanks a million for the time and effort you put in to the web page, it really helps out.

To anyone else reading the post considering an RUCC kit. Its a great kit, great to build and Roger is great to work with. He has helped out and answered every little question I have asked and re-asked. He has gone out of his way to help me when I needed it and has supplied me with everything I needed and I did not even purchase my kit directly from him, I bought it used, but he treats me like I am one of his best customers. I would be surprised if you would get that kind of treatment from some of these other companies if you did not purchase the kit from them. I think this goes along way in telling what kind of person Roger is and what type of service he provides his customers. You cant go worng with an RUCC kit!

Hey we need to get all of us RUCC owners together somehow.

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