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My first Cobra replica was an LAE, sams as the B & B is now.

My current Cobra replica is an FFR.

I liked several things about the LAE, including the chassis strength and the tight body, let alone the GelCoat finish that allowed me to avoid an expensive paint job and still have a nice looking car, and all the stock Ford suspension and running gear.

I like the FFR for its engineered chassis. This is the only kit I know of that advertises that the chassis is designed with the modern concept of energy absorbing crumple zones.

I also like the round tube chassis and the aluminum panels for the cockpit and wheel wells. I like the non stressed body that can be easlily removed for major renovations to the car.

I like the support that FFR has provided with the choices of suspension and power train options.

I like the support that FFCobra provides for the builders. Other than this fourm, I don't know of any other place to get specific techinical information from knowlegeable, friendly and experienced builders at no cost.

I would not hesitate to build another B & B car. They are very good and mine was easy to assemble.

The FFR is not as easy, at least there is more to do, though it is not difficult to get any of it done, even working alone.

I believe that the earlier FR cars that were seen as "not up to par" were the result of not understanding the concept of the FFR company (they say in their CD that they are running on a very thin margin and do the work out of love of the car not a desire to make a lot of money, and guess what, lots of us see their point and they are now making a lot of money as well).

Additionally, as more FFR cars were built there was more shared information to help turn around the notion that the car was not up to the game. Haven't FFR cars been first in most of the national track events over the past couple years?

As all say in this matter, do your home work, go to car shows, visit the factories, talk to owners and form your opinions on what you want out of your car.

You may find that the FRR comes closer to your real desires than you once thought. If price is of any concern, the FFR is very attractive.

The final value of a car is dependent on what is put in it (time, material and workmanship) and how much you want a car that is built that way.
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