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Was visiting ERA yestreday (12-17-2003) on the way home, as I wanted to pick up some parts that never made it onto my car. (the dash accent tubes and the header vent frames for the rear of the front wheel housings. This will give me something to do over the holidays and beyond)

Doug gave me some ideas about the mounting of the Accusump. He suggested a mount point of where the battery would normally go. (I have the rear mounted battery). He also gave me an alternative to pre oiling that is more in line with DCE's (Danbury Competition Engines) approach. He suggested an MSD kill switch which is hidden under the dash. When turned ON the MSD will not fire and you can turn over the engine and lube it. When turned OFF it would enable the MSD and allow iginition. It also serves as a sort of protection for the car as well. Another possibility.

Cars in the works at ERA were....

ERA #675 in the black looked just about ready to ship to its owner. This appears to be a rolling body and I do not know if an engine was in it as it was buttoned up. It had the big brake option up front I think. (exactly 300 cars since mine).

A really nice dark blue with white stripes 427 chasis had just arrived back from the painters and it looks really nice. Super paint job. I do not know what number that car was.
ERA #302 was being reworked for the current owner. This is a red 427 with white stripes. They were doing engine work and updating some things. Also a dark blue car in the #52x range was having some work done on it for the owner.

An interesting frame with no number on it yet was being fitted to an aluminum block with automatic transmission and DUAL paxton superchargers. They were working on the mount points and such prior to sending the chasis out for coating. Doug was working on this one. This is going to be a fast sucker, alot like the Shelby/Cosby car is what they said.

A light metallic FIA was nearing completion. Three GT40s were in stages of build with Ted having a grand old time.

Bob and Peter say Hi to All.
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