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I suppose there is one alternative if you want to use the Pro 5.0. The stock TKO shifter sits higher than a top loader and, therefore, ERA supplies a metal spacer ring that is about 3/8" tall that you install underneath the rubber boot and chrome trim ring. This ring gives you the need clearance to use the TKO shifter with the original style rubber boot and trim ring.

I suppose if you wanted to use the Pro 5.0, you could fabricate a metal spacer ring that is slightly taller than the one ERA provides. Although, I'm not sure how it would look with the rubber boot and chrome trim ring effectively sitting 1/2 to 3/4" off the base of the tunnel.

But something to keep in mind, before you cut the tunnel for the shifter, be certain as to which shifter you are going to use b/c, if I remember correctly, the Pro 5.0 requires a hole slightly larger than the stock shifter. And then if you do decide to use the stock shifter, and you did not cut the hole perfectly, the hole may be too large for the stock shifter and then you have to call Peter and have him send you a new tunnel and carpeting and start all over. Don't ask how I know this
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