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Default ERA New Seat

I was at ERA today in hopes of picking up an Earl's thermostatic sandwich adaptor... but the planets were not aligned correctly so I was DENIED. They had not arrived in yet.

So, while I was walking around with coffee cup in hand, I wandered up into the front loft and spied a metal seat frame in the upholstery loft. Jack, the on-site upholsterer and dashboard maven, told me that soon, ERA will be offering a new seat design which features a metal frame vs the fiberglass pan frame that ERA has always used. He had a few of them done with the new metal frame and I tested one out on the loft floor.

The new seat is very nice. I feel that you sit lower in it and that there is a bit more under thigh support as it appeared that the front of the seat is a wee bit taller. I then tried the typical fibre glass pan seat (also a newly built) and frankly both seats are an improvement to my 11 year old seats in ERA#375. Mine have had too much tush action over the years. They make em better now than they used to I recon. I may just have to upgrade my seats Pards! The bolt holes on the new seats fit exactly as do the old seats or so I was told. Those are ususally famous last words... Whenever anyone tells me "Oh it fits exactly... my eyebrows always quiver in a natural response" But the Guys at ERA do know of what they speak and have never led me wrong yet.

While there I saw Sal's (SGIANINO) car taking shape. His 600 HP Shelby block engine is on a stand and looks just Mahhvelous... the guys had just finished the plug wire looms and the turkey pan installation. This is a serious engine going into a serious car.

They were working on the trunk aluminum fitting and bending and the running gear and brakes were on the bench. Looks like Sal's car is gonna be taking shape soon. That is going to be a nice car... (I like the color too... ahem.. just like mine! ;-)

Doug showed me a new trick on placement of the front Jack Stands on the ERA 427. I told him that at times I was uncomfortable with my placement of the jack stands on the front of the flat of the main chasis beams. They are IMO, just a slip away from the upturn to the front suspension and no matter what you do, on the driver's side, the jack stand is always about to play havoc with the master cylinder box.

So he showed me an alternate jack stand spot which is just directly under the front frame where the front sway bar attaches to the chasis frame. The concavity of the typical jack stand will act as a natural saddle for the sway bar bracket. Also there is no chance to slip and the master cylinder box cover can stay pristine.
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