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Default Seat Heaters


I rec'd an email from ART (REDSC400) last night asking about my banner ad.

here is the reply I gave him about the heaters. all started when I was looking for a heater for my car (FFR with 428PI and Nascar toploader) I have a glove box and lucas wipers, so it really limited me on the what I could do with a heater. I didn't like the looks of the box heater sitting out in the engine compartment, or the vintage air unit up under the dash.

My thought process is that there are far more benefits to having the core of your body warm vs warm air blowing on your feet (with a convertible it is almost uselss)

I started looking for OEM seat heaters, saw some mfg's at SEMA, and decided which brand/style was an easy universal fit for any type cobra seat ( that the average guy could do in an hour or so)

I put a deal together and bought a banner ad on the FFforum and we are off to the races!

Kit includes everything you need and takes about 45 minutes per seat to install. If you don't want to play with your leather seats, take it to an auto upholstery and they'll do it for 40-50 bucks.

I have a quick/easy installation instructions pdf file that I can email anyone that is interested. Let me know if you have any questions?


from FFForum:

OK here is my report. THEY WORK GREAT! Conclusion:
The cost and ease of installation are good.
Benefit is better than nothing.
Keeping the wife happier (notice I didn't say happy) is a good thing. My opinion is that they are better than having a heater. The direct heat source feels better to me than the hot air blowing from the heater that mixes with the cold air blowing through the gaps in the footboxes. This is only my opinion, you can formulate your own. The high and low setting is nice, as the high setting does get very very warm.

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