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Default Yo Chris

Hey man, where ya been? Lisa says hi BTW.

I have some questions for you. I want a nice 500 hp motor for my car. I'd like to get your thoughts on the combo. I was thinking big inches would be nice and I wouldn't have to go so high on the CR. I was going to use a SCAT stroker crank, but see they only go to 4.25. If my math is right, that only gets me about 455 inches or so with the 428 4.13 bore. What stroke are you guys using to get in to the high 400 sizes?

What are your feelings on cams? Solid or hydraulic? What kind of specs?

I'm probably going to use the new Shelby intake. Can it be machined to use the original oil fill tube and use the bolt on breather hose rear plate?

What other advice do you have? CR? Valve size? Etc etc. I would like to see 450-500 at the wheels. If this motor is going to cost a fortune, I want some power in exchange . I dynoed a real 427 side oiler the other day build with NOS parts to factory specs and it only made 390 at the wheels.

Let me know what you think.
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