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Welcome to the club. As for the Shell Valley cobras, we had one up here several years ago and there was a frame problem with them back then. Also Joe, had to keep flying to their place to get parts that fit. BUT, and others will correct me if I am wrong, I think that owner sold out long ago to another person who completely re-did the car and the only one I have seen since was really nice and I talked to the owner at some length about Joe's problems and he said that he hadn't had any more than the normal new build type stuff. He said that they had changed the frame to get away from it's tweaking with anything over 400 horse. We just don't have a huge selection of Cobras up this way, so the only chance most of us get to see the different makes is at shows. However there are bound to be some Shell Valley owners on here that can really help you out. Merry Christmas.

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