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I took the third path and put a sb Mopar in mine. Would have done the same in a JBL too, just takes a little extra work.

The reason I would go with a JBL is the suspension technology is only about 10 years old instead of 30 years old. And the chassis is closer to an ALMS prototype than a ladder framed sportscar of yesteryear and Richard knows a bit about setting up race cars and driving them.

I do like the Shell Valley and I don't beat it, but I do drive it pretty hard. No reason not to merge at or above the speed limit and no reason to baby the thing at the trtack either. It isn't a show car and never will be with a Mopar in it and that isn't the reason I built it. You will have a hard time finding better performance for the money, especially if you invest half as much in your SBC as these guys do in their Ford engines given the price of good GM parts compared to the Ford prices.

I did have just poly mounts but added a torque rod and mid-plate. I cannot tell you how much of an improvement it made in the chassis response. The motor transfers power instantly and the mid-plate and torque rods triangulate the chassis with the engine and tranny and limit twist. And you will get some twist with any ladder frame.
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