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Question winter fuel formulation

Anyone else having problems with the winter fuel formulas this year? My new 418 Performance Engineering engine boils the fuel in the carb at very moderate (50 degrees F) temperatures. The engine isn't running hot enough to turn on the fans (which do operate properly.) My company car (Intrepid) is having the same problem. Hot starts take forever; the Intrepid runs on 2 cylinders for about 20 - 40 seconds and the result smells like a car that diesels after shut off. The Cobra requires the old "foot to the floor" trick, but does eventually start. Eric at Performance Engineering tells me that the butane component in our winter fuel formulation has been increased. Unfortunately, butane apparently boils at very low temps.

So far, the suggested solution has been to mix race gas in a 50 - 50 mix. Anybody else found a work-around?

(For you smart alecks out there...I am NOT siphoning company car low grade regular fuel into the Cobra!)

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