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I know a guy who used to deliver gasoline. He just smiled when I told him about the guy going to Elizabeth. I guess just because they don't have to sell ethanol doesn't mean they don't. It depends on where the tanker delivers before or after. Ethanol just gives me fits. I bought some at a station in Wyoming in August 2003 and couldn't get out of the parking lot without problems.

One guy in the MHCC with a 428 swears by a Kool Fuel device. It cuts the voltage to the electric fuel pump unless your vacuum drops, when it gives the pump the full 12 volts. It's based on the principle that the fuel pump heats the fuel enough to cause problems.

I don't have any interest in running a return line. Too much custom work for me!

The MHCC is having their annual meeting January 15. Are you going?

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