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Rick, thanks; I've noticed the same drop in my GTP and Dakota P/U for some time...just never associated that problem with a carb boil over! Now that I think of it, the only carbs in the garage are on the lawn mower and the Pantera...until the Cobra arrived. Guess I forgot the lessons from years ago!

Keith, thanks for the percolation link. I guess we should be thankful to be at 5280 feet instead of 7500! Coincidentally, the last time the new arrival escaped from the garage with an expired temporary sticker (while navigating Colorado's mysterious registration/titling process,) I immediately lifted the hood upon return to the hideout. Although the temperature was below 30F, no boiling! Do you suppose all those old black and white photos of Model T's and '46 Chevy's with hoods up and water bags on the grille on top of Colorado's mountain passes were a message to the future?

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