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Default Assembling Jag rear in ERA subframe

Bob, I've got a '95 XJS rear with outboard brakes. You folks shortened my lower control arms, but my halfshafts are a bit longer than the standard XJ units, so I had to shorten them on my own per dimensions you furnished. I made them a bit short so I could adjust the camber. I'm finally assembling the unit in one of your subframes. I've got the top housing mounting bolts loose and the unit upside down on the bench. I installed the inner fulcrum shaft through the subframe and differential bracket on the right side and the bracket is tight against the differential. I installed the left fulcrum shaft through the subframe and differential bracket and it's going to need .087 of shims. The differential housing will not move side to side to change this (everything has been powdercoated, so the bolts holding the housing to the subframe are snug in their holes). I'll have trouble getting my camber correct with this discrepency. My thought is to elongate the housing mounting holes in the subframe to center the housing in the subframe. Is this the best cure?
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