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Originally posted by PatBuckley

Way to go Dean!

Good out of the box thinking - how high do you think you can go?
Pat and all, thanks for the kind words.

To answer Pat's question, the limiting factor on maximum height isn't so much a function of strength, but more so the ramp angle. If you go too high, the top of the ramp will angle too sharply toward the pedestal/bridges and the car will bottom out. I actually drew a scale replica of the final ramp assembly and used a cardboard cutout of the wheelbase of the Cobra to make sure that my ramp angle was not going to be too aggressive. I wanted 36" long ramps but the "model" told me somewhere in the neighborhood of 38-40". So I chose the shorter length and it worked (keeps the ramps in the garage without having to take them off before closing the door).

As for more height, I think it's possible to go from the 2x6 "spine" structure to 2x8s, but you would have to add more 2x8s to spread the load. A 2x8 on it's side alone may not handle the stress, but a bunch of them screwed together would be just like driving up on cinder blocks.


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