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I grew up in Southern California and have also lived in Laguna. While I miss PCH on a nice day, my family is extremely happy in Colorado.

The poulation density is much less than in So Cal, so people generally are much more courteous while driving, and there is a sense of community here that just didn't exist in Cal.

The weather here is one of the best surprises. As Branb said, the sun is out here over 300 days a year. While we do get snow, generally the next day is a bright beautiful day, and the snow usually melts rather quickly.

Even though today is in the 50's, because of our Mile High altitude and being closer to the sun, it feels like the 60's if there is no breeze. I'll be out driving today ( maybe in shorts). I would say that in a usual year, I probably only miss out on driving a few weeks because of weather.

As far as driving, I can not imagine a better place to own a Cobra. We have a pretty active club here with a lot of very good people. Wives come along for our drives more often than not and we all get along very well. I have had some great friendships arise from being a club member. We only meet once a year--the rest of our time is spent driving together. Hey it's a nice day-let's go!
The mountain roads, the scenery and the lack of traffic make it a very special place.

Hope to see you back here soon--AND KEEP THE COBRA!!!

Mike ( close to Parker)
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