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I am Dick Thompson. I am the president of the Mile Hi Cobra Club.

We really would love to have you move to Colorado and also bring the Cobra. And we would love to have you join the club and come along with us on our trips and events. Check us out at

You will see that we have an event almost every other week from May to Sept. If you are in town with the family, house hunting and we are doing something, you are welcome to stop by and see us and visit. Give me your email address (mine is and I will keep you informed of any last minute events as they pop up due to weather and the need to get the Cobra's out. (Happens quite a bit around here)

The Denver area is so great to live in. There are so many areas and most if not all have lots of families in them. You just need to pick the one that feels the best to you. If you and your wife have two or three and want to visit with someone who lives in that area, let me know and I will get you in touch with some of our club members to visit with. We are a great group of friends.

Advice on location would be to consider the commute you and your wife will be making. Getting from one side of Denver to the other is not a very good commute. Getting from Colorado Springs area or the Fort Collins area to Denver is not a good commute. Denver does not have the highway system (yet) to be a good commute city. We are just now working on Mass Transit and it is available for a very small number of the workers. Will get better,but it is not good yet.

One thing that may sound crazy is buying a house that faces any direction but North. If you have a house that faces north, you will be dealing with snow and ice a lot longer than the rest of us. Our house faces South and I almost never have to clear the driveway.

Any thing we can do, let us know.

Dick Thompson
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