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Talking Changing timing worked.....

I've ordered a Demon from Don Gould at 4 Seconds Flat. Told him about the fuel issue. He said his bet was that I needed to advance my timing to get more fuel burning inside the cylinder instead of heating up the headers and engine with un-burned fuel due to lack of advance. Changed from 18 initial to 22. Car seems to be running 20 degrees cooler and after running it pretty hard today I didn't have any of the boiling issue. I will probably actually increase the initial another 2 degrees to 24 when I get the smaller mechanical advance bushings required to keep total around 36-38. I have an 18 degree bushing installed now and that's the smallest that came with the MSD kit. Don machines a smaller set which he sells that has I think 10, 12, and 14 degree bushings. My engine (427 so, iron block, aluminum heads and intake) really seems to like a lot of advance. Maybe it's because I have 82cc chambers on these Shelby heads vs I think 72cc on the original heads? Anyway, it seems to be running good for now!
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