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Bob, I finally got around to comparing the original & outboard brake rears; I measured the threaded portion of the inboard pivot shafts outside of one shaft to outside of the other, as my original unit is still assembled. I also measured the outboard-brake rear from the outside of one shaft to the other (not over threads):

Cobra Rears:
Old, over threads: Front: 9.645
Old, over threads: Rear: 9.639 =.006 narrower in rear

New, over threads: Front: 9.637
New, over threads: Rear: 9.657=.020 wider in rear

New rear:
Front, over shaft, not threads: 9.766
Rear, over shaft, not threads: 9.783= .017 wider in rear

The gear case measurements are the same as the old, so the new inner pivot shaft bracket is evidently thinner.

My question is, are the measurements of my outboard brake pivot shafts within spec, as being wider in the rear will lesson the toe-out? It appears the toe-out is built into the lower control arm, correct? I've got around 600 flywheel hp, which I understand wants more toe-out?
THANKS for your help,

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