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Well what a nice day to go shopping! Considering I don't like to shop, that was most pleasant. Bought a couple pairs of shoes, some makeup and hair stuff, and thoroughly enjoyed walking around the 'good' mall. Dropped my watch off with the jeweler to have the battery changed. Gotta go find my other watch. Now gonna get dinner started, (needs to simmer awhile) and then head up to school. Listen to this:
Pick up my 3, plus their cousin. Bring home. Take #4 to ballet at 4:30. Go to Peter's baseball game a few minutes away that starts at 4. will be late, but better late than never.... My friend will pickup #4 at ballet, and take her to her house. I'll finish Peter's game, and be home at 6:30 or so, to finish dinner. #2 has track meet 1/2 hour away, David is covering that one.... they won't be home til 7-8. #3 is being dragged to baseball. #2 is going to miss baseball practice for his track meet. This almost repeats itself on Thursday. ugh.
yup, i had a nice time at the mall.
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