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oh gosh, fred, it was too early to figure that one out-- took a whole 1.2 seconds!!!

A floppy?? I've never put a disk 'in there' for real computer use! backup? what's that?? I change the password everyday- sometimes twice a day- sometimes once a week. It's a game- I put something that is written down in the office, and #2 is persistent enough, he'll type every word he sees, until he gets it figured out. Yesterday he was disrespectful and said something unacceptable to his mother, so I popped down to the computer and changed it. I was 'mad' so consequently distracted.... and didn't put it in my head for long term remembering! I usually can sit down and immediately remember what I changed it to, but this time I didn't change it to something in the room- something totally random, like 'don't yell at mom' or something too specific. I just can't bring it back up! No, not mad at David. And the LAST THING I will do is get those boys their own computer. NO WAY. Unless it's a cheap junk computer for their stupid games. I took controllers for Nintendo, and Playstation. Maybe at some point he will not yell at me in a disrespectful way.

so. I don't see any of the above suggestions as solutions. I'll make a new thread in lounge, and maybe somebody can help me! Otherwise, I'll have to take the tower to a tech place???

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