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Default camber curve

good day,

now we split our topics in various sub-topics, but not those into more subs...;-)

that is why I write here:
while building your own front suspension you may want to think about camber curves and roll center for a moment.

new generation tires, generally, or low profiles may call for less camber change in roll to keep the tire better on the ground.

the original suspension could benefit from shorter upper front control arm (3/8" shorter?) and a longer chassis bracket.

I also heard that one could change the anti-dive angle from 8 deg to 6 deg.

In case you mount a lighter engine you may get a way with a lower roll center in the front...

and the steering rack?...
how come most production cars do not have the tie rod end in line with the upper and lower balljoint, which is recommended by my books?
or is that why street cars need to be different to racing cars when it comes to Ackermann steering?

If I don't respond anymore, that's because I can't log in...
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