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Originally Posted by Johnson
One engineer I found states -.5 degree dinamic camber in roll with respect to the road for maximum traction with low profiles, but 0 to -.3 for static camber is what I have seen on pasenger cars. I can set the car up for 0 to -.3 static, and -.5 in roll, how does this sound?
-.5 deg camber relative to the road may give you maximum adhesion, but there isn't a street car around that has nearly that much camber gain under roll. Because the real-world road surface isn't bump-free, that much camber change would make the car very unstable at the limit, and there'd be some pretty "interesting" gyroscopic forces on the steering under straight-line running. Also, the roll center would move around way too much unless the suspension arms pivoted practically at the car's centerline and very close to the ground.

Usually, cars are designed with theoretical swing-axle lengths from track x 1.3 to track x 2.5.
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