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With my first engine, a stroked 427, 477 ci, I had a problem with fuel starvation very noticible on the drag strip. I would get partway down the track, and near the end of 2nd gear, before shifting into third, when the engine would start to stumble, and continue to stumble after shifting into 3rd and then 4th, the rest of the way down the track. I could tell I was way down on power as there was little G-Force as compared to 1st and most of second gear. Initially, I had assumed it was my rev limitor, but then later realized it was my fuel supply. I was only running off the mechanical pump, a carter street pump, and I had forgot to turn the electric pumps on. The engine had dyno'd at 570 hp. I had two 6 AN lines running forward, one line running from the tank to the mech fuel pump, entering the fuel pump with a 90 degree elbow. The other 6 AN line ran from both of the electric pumps to a T-fitting on the outflow of the mechanical pump, combining the outflow of the mech pump with the outflow from the electric pumpd, and then up to the filter and then the single carb. To me, it looked like there would be flow restriction at the 90 elbow at the mech pump inflo, as well as at the T-fitting at the mech pump outflow.

With my second engine, I again ran the two 6AN lines, one from the tank to the input of the mechanical pump, but connected with a 90 degree radias fitting instead of a 90 elbow, for better flow on the suction, low pressure side. Instead of running a T-fitting, I put a 90 elbow on the outflow of the mech pump due to space limitations, confinements, figuring that the 90 elbow won't limit flow as much on the outflow side compared to the inflow side. I then ran a 6AN line from the mech pump outflow elbow to a Y-block, also connecting the other 6AN line from the electric pumps, and then an 8AN line from the Y-block outflow to the filter, and then carb. I have yet to really test it, but the car was chassis dyno'd, put out est 570+ flywheel hp without any fuel starvation problems, running the eletric pumps as well. I ran the car on the street with just the mech pump, and it didn't stumble. I really need to test it on the track to see if this set-up is better, which I think it is.
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